Threats from the micro universe

15 Jun 2020

Invisible particles are all around us, in the food, water, air and even inside us! Should we be concerned about the possible health threats from these invisible particles all around us? Researchers have given clear indications of the importance of regulating the industrial sector’s emission of micro- and nano-sized substances. While some of the microscopic substances hold the promise of cutting-edge medical breakthroughs, others may threaten to affect both human and environmental health.

Some of the world’s leading researchers in this field are found at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). In this article, we hear interesting insights from ERGO‘s coordinator, Associate Professor Henrik Holbech (Department of Biology) and his colleagues, Assistant Professor Elvis Genbo Xu, Professor Frank Kjeldsen, and Professor and Head of Department Horst-Günter Rubahn, about the potential current and future threats from these invisible particles of the micro and nano universe.

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