EURION Cluster

ERGO is part of the EURION Cluster of eight research projects from the Call ‘New Testing and Screening Methods to Identify Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals’. Funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, this is the largest public funding of this type of research in Europe. The eight projects, funded by €50 million and consisting of more than 70 research groups, are focusing on improved and harmonised methods as well as screening and testing strategies for the less-studied endocrine disruptor related outcomes, such as metabolic diseases, thyroid hormone disruption, female reproduction and developmental neurotoxicity. EURION, guided by a common international advisory panel, has been formed to optimise synergies and avoid overlaps between the eight projects. EURION will work together towards the common goal by means of working groups, workshops and meetings as well as data sharing and overall tight collaboration.

Download the EURION Factsheet