17 May 2024

ERGO will host a free, hybrid workshop to transfer its results to end users on Wednesday 12 June from 13:30-19:00 CET.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for ERGO’s researchers to present and discuss the knowledge, results and outputs from the project with their end users and how they can apply them i.e., stakeholders who are working in the endocrine disruptor field; are interested in improving identification and hazard assessment of endocrine disruptors; use OECD Test Guidelines; are involved in the EU regulatory process; and/or have an interest in learning about and raising awareness of endocrine disruptors!

ERGO’s knowledge, results and outputs include: 

  • Improved and harmonised testing and screening methods to better identify and assess endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)
  • Novel approaches in the regulatory use of standardised Test Guidelines for EDCs
  • Increased quality, efficiency and effectiveness of existing methods to identify EDCs to meet demanding and evolving regulatory requirements
  • Support for industry in the development and promotion of EDC-free products benefitting both the environment and human health
  • Guidance document on extrapolation of thyroid disrupting effects across mammalian, fish and amphibian vertebrates for OECD Test Guidelines
  • Contributions to the development of an international strategy and guidelines for testing EDCs and assessing associated hazards

We are aiming to make this workshop as interactive as possible whether you will be attending in Brussels or online. However, only those who attend in Brussels will benefit with drinks, food and additional networking opportunities!

For the latest information please:

For all enquiries please email info@ergo-project.eu