OECD QSAR Toolbox v4.3 Training Courses

17 Jun 2019 - 21 Jun 2019 | Barcelona, Spain

TRAINING WORKSHOPS for OECD MEMBER COUNTRIES and STAKEHOLDERS BARCELONA, SPAIN BASIC TRAINING: 17-18 OF JUNE, 2019 ADVANCED PRACTICAL TRAINING: 19-21 OF JUNE 2019, [*NOTE: BASIC COURSE IS A PREREQUISITE TO REGISTER FOR ADVANCED PRACTICAL] BACKGROUND The QSAR Application Toolbox was developed under the aegis of OECD to facilitate the use of the category approach and QSAR methods to fill data gaps in classification and labeling. Use of the Toolbox will save resources, reduce the need for animal testing, and greatly accelerate the hazard assessment process. The Toolbox provides the ability to: - Make estimates of the relevant endpoints for single chemicals, linked to the CAS number or the chemical structure. Obtain summary information on the validation processes and results of the model so that the user can decide for which regulatory purpose the estimate can be used. - Obtain a list of analogues for a chemical, together with their experimental, or estimated environmental, toxic or health effects. - Obtain estimates for metabolite activation/detoxification information for the chemical. - Interface with IUCLID 6 with ability for automated submission of estimated values for registration purposes.

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