MODEL-EDC Workshop (2nd edition): Threats and Tools for Endocrine Disrupting Pollutants in Marine Organisms

08 Sep 2022 | Faro, Portugal

The EuroMarine-funded foresight workshop MODEL-EDC (2nd edition) will review the current state of the art in terms of endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) threats, models and limitations.

The Workshop will bring together experts from different fields of ecotoxicology, endocrine disruption and modelling to discuss current assays for evaluating and predicting the environmental risks of endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) pollutants, how useful they are for monitoring marine systems, current challenges and future directions.

FREE ATTENDANCE (for CECE-ISFE participants or participants only of the workshop), sponsored by Euromarine.

Pre-requisites: Participants are expected to have general background in marine biology, pollution monitoring or related fields