International Akademie Fresenius Conference

02 Dec 2019 - 03 Dec 2019 | Mainz, Germany

Regulatory Toxicology of Active Substances in Plant Protection Products

In vitro comparative metabolism studies

  • Report from the EFSA Workshop: Data requirement, human relevance of animal data

EFSA future developments

  • Development of adverse outcome pathways (AOP)
  • In vitro screening battery

Cumulative assessment and combined exposure

  • Cumulative assessment groups and tools used to draft scientific reports
  • Dietary and non-dietary combined risk assessment

QSAR and read-across

  • Assessment of genotoxicity and general toxicity of metabolites in residues
  • Use of in silico tools

Genotoxicity of active substances

  • Hurdles and challenges
  • In vivo comet assay


  • Impurity profiles of active substance

Evaluation of public literature

  • Relevance and reliability
  • SciRAP tool

Benchmark dose modelling

  • Current state of the approach
  • Regulatory use
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