3rd International Akademie Fresenius MIXTOX Conference

29 Oct 2019 - 30 Oct 2019 | Cologne, Germany

Toxicity of Chemical Mixtures: Risk, Hazard and Exposure Assessment

Risk Management and Communication

  • EU Commission on risk management approaches in assessing the cumulative risk of combined dietary exposure to pesticide residues
  • Health Canada on their cumulative health risk assessment approach for pesticides
  • Lay people’s toxicology and how heuristics influence perceptions

Risk Assessment

  • Latest activities of JMPR and JECFA
  • OECD document on assessing the risks of combined exposures to multiple chemicals and way forward
  • Industry activities on cumulative risk assessment of pesticide residues

Exposure Assessment

  • Probabilistic exposure modelling in cosmetics, pesticides and food
  • Ineris: PBPK modelling for assessing exposure to chemical mixtures
  • An exposome approach to mixtures

Hazard Assessment

  • Grouping active substances in cumulative assessment groups – EFSA and ECPA approach
  • Using (Q)SARs, TTC, molecular docking simulation and read-across
  • Mixture effects at low doses and implications for biomonitoring and risk assessments in regulatory practice
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