Watchfrog Laboratory has developed a new test method to identify endocrine disruptors

14 Jul 2022

Watchfrog© Fish embryo. Fluorescence in the kidneys reveals the action of androgen disruptors.

A new test method, Test Guideline 251 (TG 251) developed by WatchFrog Laboratory to identify endocrine disruptors has been validated at international level by the OECD. TG 251, the Rapid Androgen Disruption Activity Reporter (RADAR) assay will aid the identification of chemicals which can disrupt signaling by androgenic hormones. Androgens are steroid hormones that are essential for the development of male characteristics, they are also synthesised by women to produce estrogen and are essential for many functions within both men and women. Disruption of the androgen hormones can lead to infertility, developmental disorders, disrupted menstrual cycles and even cancerous tumours.

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