AquaTT is a small to medium enterprise (SME), with a not-for-profit mandate. It was founded in 1992 under the EU COMETT programme as the University Enterprise Training Partnership (UETP) for the European aquaculture industry, to coordinate the training requirements of the industry through a single body. Over the past 26 years AquaTT has grown beyond its original remit to become a leader in scientific knowledge transfer and dissemination. We partner with research consortia to design projects that make a difference. We devise best practice work packages related to dissemination, communication and knowledge transfer. Traditionally we have worked with the marine and aquaculture research sectors, but recently we have become involved in projects in the areas of environment, health, food and sustainable development.

Avril qualified from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2014 with a MSc in Environmental Science. Her research focused on freshwater ecology in Ireland. Avril joined AquaTT in 2018 as a Project Officer, having previously worked in water resources research, natural resource management and most recently in conservation project management in Australia. Her role within AquaTT involves the dissemination, communication and transfer of knowledge resulting from European-funded projects. In ERGO, Avril leads and oversees WP8: Knowledge Transfer, Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation.

Marieke Reuver joined AquaTT in 2006 and has been Programme Manager since 2010. She has extensive experience in managing EC projects, dealing specifically with knowledge management and transfer, communication and dissemination, as well as stakeholder engagement. She has been WP Leader for more than 20 FP7 and H2020 projects and has been/is a member of project steering committees, executive committees and advisory boards. Marieke has a background in Animal Science (MSc) with an aquaculture specialisation from Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and previously worked as an Education Assistant at Wageningen University and as a consultant at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (Italy).