ONE - Health, Environment, Society - Conference 2022

21 Jun 2022 - 24 Jun 2022 | Brussels, Belgium and Online

ERGO partners Henrik Holbech (SDU) and Lucia Vergauwen (UA) will present ERGO research at the Endocrine Disruptors: Present challenges and future directions session.

At EU level, scientific criteria for the hazard identification of endocrine disruptors (EDs) are currently implemented for pesticides and biocides, only. The EU Fitness Check on ED legislation highlighted the need for a more horizontal approach to the identification of EDs across sectors, together with strengthened ED information requirements. Both screening of chemicals and decision-making for EDs are overdependent on the use of vertebrate data in general and, mammalian data, in particular. In the thematic session, we aim to cover advancements in the field of EDs; we also intend to use it as a forum for an open dialogue between regulatory and non-regulatory scientists and stakeholders to explore future opportunities to implement more interdisciplinary approaches to ED assessments in terms of testing and hazard identification. These avenues could include data generated by new technologies to reach quicker and better decisions on ED properties, for more chemicals on a cross-sector basis, in line with the ‘one substance-one assessment’ ambition of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. Overall, the session outcomes will help ensure preparedness for future challenges and shape future directions and possible collaborations.

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