One-Day Training Course: Essentials of Cosmetic Safety & Regulations

16 Jul 2019 | Leicester, United Kingdom

Cosmetic products are big business with an estimated worth in Europe alone of €77 billion (Euros) and approaching €500 billion (Euro) globally. The EU cosmetic product regulation sets about the primary objective of ensuring that consumer can enjoy the use of cosmetic products safely and without harm by applying legal criteria which shall be followed during their development and supply. Knowledge, understanding and interpretation of the regulation governing the supply of cosmetic products can be truly complex. Help is available. The Cosmetic Product Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 applies directly across all the EU Member States. This regulation imposes clear requirements on responsibilities, strict rules on proving safety, labelling, notification, in-market monitoring, Good Manufacturing Practice and removes inconsistencies across Member States. How prepared are you? This workshop will provide answers to those uncertainties and give a broad overview of the EU Cosmetic Product Regulation and also touch on International Regulation.

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