Guidance for Identifying Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

24 Oct 2019 | Mainz, Germany

Are you concerned about the latest developments regarding the assessment of endocrine disrupting (ED) properties? Wonder about the possible consequences for biocides and plant protection products?

Chemical Watch, in association with knoell Germany, is pleased to announce a brand new one-day training course on understanding the guidance for identifying endocrine disrupting chemicals in the biocides and crop protection area.

Michael Werner and Martina Duft (knoell Germany) will be guiding and equipping you with the necessary know-how and tools in the challenging landscape of the required endocrine disruptor assessment.

This course will provide you (risk assessors, regulatory managers and (eco-)toxicologists engaged with the assessment of biocidal and crop protection active substances/products) with comprehensive background information and in-depth insight into the new EU Endocrine Disruptor criteria, and the recent ECHA/EFSA Guidance.

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